12 - Germany/UK team up for tech, changes to dual citizenship laws, public damnation of Uli Hoeness and Trier

In this episode we talk about some of the technology plans from CeBIT for a partnership between Germany and the UK. We take a look from a different point of view of all the news coverage about Uli Hoeness. You can learn about the changes made recently to the dual citizenship process of children born in Germany to non-German parents. Also, hear about the oldest city in the country, Trier.

This week: 

  • Germany has some major plans to help build a 5G network and add funding to "The Internet of Things" research.
  • How the public view of Uli Hoeness after his tax evasion sentencing may be overblown.
  • The SPD and Greens work on a new law to increase the amount of people with dual citizenship. 
  • Our German A-Z guide covers the letter "L" and you will get a audio tour of Germany's oldest city, Trier.

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