50 - Merkel and net neutrality, Deutsch 3.0, Bodo Ramelow and the Rotkäppchen winery

Controversial news on the podcast as we cover chancellor and keynote speaker Angela Merkel at the Digitizing Europe conference last week. Many people are upset with her view on net neutrality as she calls for a two-tier internet system: one tier for important data (such as for self-driving cars and medical applications) and one for everything else.

The Goethe Institute and other organizations work on a year long research project called "Deutsch 3.0". They studied how the German language could be improved and how it might be used in the future, both in Germany and throughout the world. 

Bodo Ramelow, wins the vote in the Thuringian Landtag to become the Left Party’s first minister president... but only after the election was forced into a second round.

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