52 - Bach's Leipzig, Body Worlds exhibit approved by Berlin authorities and the PEGIDA online dialog

This Week In Germany Podcast is NOW ONE YEAR OLD!

This week we bring you a special edition of Destination Germany where we cover Johann Sebastian Bach and walk in his footsteps in the city of Leipzig. We speak with Kerstin Wiese from the Bach Museum, Tom Greenleaves from the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, and visit a few of the famous spots Bach worked. If this segment wasn't enough, you can always check out the full interviews on TWIG EXTRA later in the week.

Our main news story this week is a bit grisly. Local authorities were trying to block the construction of building a permanent Body Worlds exhibition in Berlin as burial laws prevented 'plastinated' human remains to be on display.  Find out what the court thought about the case.

The "anti-Islamification" PEGIDA movement is growing in cities like Dresden. The government is now trying to use social media in order to get their stance on the issues out to the public.

Udo Jürgens, a singer and musician, who was well-loved in Germany, died on Sunday aged 80.

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