51 - PEGIDA protests, language restrictions, Markus Lanz and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

Over 10,000 people turned out to protest for PEGIDA in Dresden this past week. This group is against radical religious practices focusing on Islam. There were also close to as many counter demonstrators that came as well. Some of the politicians are speaking out to denounce such actions while others think there is needed debate on the issue.

The CSU made statements early in the week about how the German language should be spoken by immigrants both publicly and with the family. There was a lot of outcry on social media and since this time they have tried to backtrack some of their statements. 

The destination we take you to this week is Ehrenbreitstein, a huge fortress located on the river Rhine in Koblenz. Take an amazing sky cable car across the river and up the mountain to visit this historical building along with the other museums and restaurants.

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