49 - Itchy Feet interview, coalition defends policies, immigrants boost the economy and Volkswagen's Car City

Do you like traveling? Do you like comics? If "YES", then you will really enjoy the interview with Malachi Ray Rempen the creator, writer, and artist behind Itchy Feet web comic. We talk to him about growing up with German citizenship but an American identity, as well as how he finds inspiration for his travel and language comics.

A debate was held for parliament to discuss the efficiency of the German government and the polices it has planned for the future. Some of the members of the opposition parties are speaking out against some of the polices created by Merkel's Grand Coalition.

Finally, we discuss how the country is probably benefiting financially from immigration, far from refugees and economic migrants being a drain on society.

That, plus our Destination Germany in Volkswagen's Car City, and our German of the Week, union boss Claus Weselsky.

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