48 - Red-Red-Green coalition, interview with Timur Vermes, Russian spies and Walhalla

On the show this week, we cover the newly-formed and controversial coalition in Thuringia that is being headed by the Left Party. The other member parties that make up this coalition are the SPD and the Greens. 

Listen to our interview with bestselling Author Timur Vermes, who wrote the highly popular "Er ist wieder da", published in English as "Look Who's Back". This satire, which sees Adolf Hitler returning to Germany in the present day, has sold well over 1.5 million copies.

We also cover the release of a Russian spy from prison. She and her husband were jailed after living a secretive suburban double life.

This week: 

  • A coalition of the Left has been formed in a former East German state with mixed feelings.
  • An interview with bestselling Author of "Er ist wieder da", Timur Vermes.
  • A Russian spy being held by Germany has been released.
  • And learn about ins and outs of Germany in our quiz, as well as taking a trip to Walhalla!

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