45 - Hostage freed in Nigeria, legality of religious jokes, Blautopf and Dieter Graumann

In this week's episode, the dramatic story of a German who was kidnapped, and subsequently released, in Nigeria.

Also, when does a joke go too far? Comedian Dieter Nuhr is to have his jokes are the subject of legal debate.

And if you are looking for an "off the beaten path" type of place to visit, consider Blautopf. The beautiful natural spring with extremely bright blue water is this week's Destination Germany.

This week: 

  • Hostage released after week long kidnapping in Nigeria.
  • A legal ruling will have to be made after a complaint about a comedian's jokes going too far.
  • Dieter Graumann, the leader of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, is stepping down. 
  • Learn about German life in our quiz and find where you can go for the bluest waters in the country.

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