41 - Day of German Unity, increased organized crime and Europe's biggest department store

Germany's Day of Unity, which was on 3rd October, is dedicated to the reunification of East and West Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech which showed a parallel of the struggle of East Germans for freedom to modern day conflicts.

Organized crime and gang activity are on the rise. Police are connecting many Germans to these activities and even more foreigners. 

Many stories are told about those who escaped East Germany into the west. Find out in this episode about the first man shot and killed while trying to make that crossing.

This week: 

  • German Day of Unity can be a symbol of hope for others.
  • Organized crime growing. Interior minister plans on making it decrease.
  • Remembering Günter Litfin, the first man killed while trying to escape East Germany. 
  • Learn about German stuff in our quiz and plan some major shopping in Berlin. 

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