44 - Karstadt store closings, a cycling poet and Frankfurt Opera

The huge department store chain, Karstadt, has been having problems in the recent years. Now they are set to close six stores this coming year and many jobs are at risk. Can they find a place in the market?

Studies are showing fewer people are getting married but that is not stopping German couples from raising kids. More people are finding the function of marriage antiquated. 

Anna Magdalena Bössen is traveling throughout Germany on a bicycle with just a suitcase and a head full of German poetry. She is on a bike tour explaining "how Germans tick" through literature. 

This week: 

  • Karstadt fights to stay afloat in a changing consumer market.
  • It is starting to become a trend that German families do not center on a married couple.
  • A cycling poet travels the country living on literature.
  • Learn about German stuff in our quiz and find out about Frankfurt's two opera houses.

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