43 - Merkel meets Putin, textile chain clean-up, Schwetzingen Palace and Gunther Oettinger

A huge face-to-face meeting took place this week between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the situation in Ukraine. 

The ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development has started an initiative that hopes to clean up the regulations in the textile supply chain. Many think this campaign has major problems.

Learn why you should visit the town of Schwetzingen in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It has the most wonderful palace you may have ever seen.

Our German of the Week spotlight falls on Gunther Oettinger. The new Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society of the EU proudly boasts he knows how to use an iPhone and he used the internet everyday.

This week: 

  • Putin and Merkel meet to discuss the problems of Ukraine.
  • Government starts program to try and clean up sweatshops in textile supply chain.
  • Gunther Oettinger makes some remarks to make some question his ability as the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. 
  • Learn about German stuff in our quiz and we travel to a beautiful castle with an even more beautiful garden. 

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