42 - Riots in Hamburg, Ebola in Leipzig, Nobel prize winner and Munich's science museum

Riots turned violent in both Hamburg and neighboring city Celle this past week. TWIG brings you why this peaceful protest turned aggressive and those with plans about discouraging future altercations.

The third infected person carrying the Ebola virus has been brought to the city of Leipzig for treatment. Listen to hear the safety precautions the government is taking to prevent this spreading to citizens. 

Our German of the Week is Stefan Hell. He was part of the team that just won a Nobel Prize in the field of Chemistry. We cover what led him to this significant achievement.

This week: 

  • A protest by the Kurds turns violent in Hamburg. 
  • The safety standards of having an Ebola patient in Leipzig.
  • A Nobel Prize winner in the field of Chemistry. 
  • Learn about German stuff in our quiz and find out about the largest science and technology museum. 

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