01 - Bavarian brain drain, cars and Philipp Rösler

It's the very first episode of This Week in Germany! 

Think of it as the (only) English language German news magazine audio podcast! 

Every week we'll be giving you the top news from the week in an easy-to-listen half an hour of 'infotainment'. It's enough to have German media outlets quaking in their boots. 

Despite us saying 'hello' to all our new listeners, for some this was a week of goodbyes. 

On today's agenda: 

  • What the German state of Bavaria is doing to combat 'brain drain'. (Hint: it involves beer and sausages)
  • Saying goodbye to Volkswagen's classic camper van the Type 2
  • Saying goodbye to another German icon (?), ex-Vice Chancellor Philipp Rösler
  • Frederick discusses German things beginning with 'A' and Roland takes a look at a must-see destination in the country, Rothenburg ob der Taube

If you have an opinion on anything you heard in this edition of the podcast, or you have a suggestion for a story or a feature you'd like to hear, feel free to contact us