Destination Germany: Sonnenallee

The 5km street know as Sonnenallee, which cuts through the centre of the trendy district of Neukölln in Berlin, is lively and multi-cultural. We take in some of the sights and sounds of this important urban artery and some of the common misconceptions about the area.

Taken from This Week In Germany Episode 110

Destination Germany: Hohenschönhausen Memorial

 Original imiage By Nstannik - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Original imiage By Nstannik - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Come and visit Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial), a building complex most famous for it use as a Stasi prison in East Berlin after the Berlin Wall went up. 

Take a trip back to when Berlin was still divided by the Berlin Wall and find out about the dark yet important history of this covert prison complex. For more info on the tours that are offered, visit

Taken from This Week In Germany Episode 108

Destination Germany: Wadden Sea

In this Destination Germany feature from episode 109, Olcan takes us on a trip to explore Germany's biggest, and most unique national park, Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park.

The massive park, with an area of 4410km2, is, in fact, a marine national park. This makes it stand out from other parks in Germany and offers a very different experience to its visitors.

Click play and find out what there is to see and do while visiting this amazing park!

For more info on the park and how to visit it, visit the parks website:

Destination Germany: Touring Brandenburg by bicycle

 Seenland Oder Spree / Flickr

Seenland Oder Spree / Flickr

Spring has sprung so get on your bike! We're heading to north-eastern German state of Brandenburg. From cities, to lakes, to the rolling hills out in the rural areas.

While it's very easy in Germany to get from A to B by public transportation, cycling is by far the best way to take in the local scenery. That's thanks to special cycling paths in the cities and the many routes mapped out for bicycles in the countryside.

 Dexte-r / Flickr

Dexte-r / Flickr

"If you don't like climbing up steep hills you will love Brandenburg. It is quite flat and even," Stefan Lehmann, spokesperson for Brandenburg Tourism, told us in our latest podcast episode.

"We have long trips from 3 to 4 days but we also have trips for 1 day or a weekend in all parts of the state. Most of them are also quite suited for families."

Brandenburg was once the heartland of Prussian nobility, something which is evidenced by the many palaces and manor houses scattered across the state. They provide a dramatic backdrop for any cycling tour and some are even open to the public.

"We've got urban biking routes in Potsdam. There's one tour called Old Fritz, like the famous Prussian king. This tour shows you the famous and fabulous views of Potsdam. Such as the Sanssouci Palace and Park," says Herr Lehmann.

"On the other side if you like being in the countryside I would recommend the Oder-Neisse biking trail. You can discover the vast landscape of the Oderburg or the national park at Odertal."

And while you're on your tour of the countryside, don't forget to stop by one of the hundreds of farms. Many of them have shops where you can buy their produce or even stay the night!

 tekbassist / Flickr

tekbassist / Flickr

Brandenburg bills itself as the "land of 3,000 lakes" and has 30,000 km of waterways. It might be a little too early in the year to go swimming but a lake will provide the perfect scenery to accompany a midday picnic!

If you're looking to enjoy the spring weather, why not tour beautiful Brandenburg on two wheels?